Storing Hockey Gear in The Garage

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Storing Hockey Gear in The Garage

If you are a hockey family, you must deal with hockey gear splayed everywhere across your home, especially if you do not have a locker room dedicated to hockey equipment.

If you are looking for a Place to Store Your Hockey Gear and Mementos, you won’t have to look farther than the confines of your house. Your garage is a multi-purpose room that can be used when needed and as needed, in this case, as storage for all your hockey gear.

Start by creating a system:

First and foremost, start by creating a system for storing all your hockey gear in a clean and organized manner. Clean a spacious corner of your garage and dedicate it to the sole purpose of stowing away your hockey gear.

Then start storing your gear while adhering to the system you created. If you stick to the system and keep the hockey area organized, you won’t have any trouble looking for the required gear later when you eventually need to take it out again.

Declutter the Clutter

Declutter the Clutter

Declutter the clutter

While organizing, the biggest hurdle you may face is dealing with the hoard of all the hockey equipment, including jerseys, gloves, pads, helmets, and sticks. As your family advances through hockey seasons year after year, this clutter keeps on growing with worn-out gear that was never discarded.

This accumulation of outdated equipment takes up most of the space in your house.

Make a habit of going through your hockey gear at the end of every hockey season and either donate, sell or discard any gear that will not be needed for the next season

Hang your hockey sticks

You can install hooks on the wall to Hang Your Hockey Sticks in an organized manner. This keeps them from cluttering the hockey gear’s designated space. At the same time, saving them from accidentally being stepped over or run over by cars.

Moreover, hanging hockey sticks on the walls adds a nice touch to the hockey area and brings together the theme of hockey.

Hang your hockey sticks

Hang your hockey sticks

Get open cabinets to store your jerseys and pants.

There is a reason why you will never find closed lockers in a professional hockey locker room. A hockey jersey or pant is hung in Open Cabinets after being washed to keep them wrinkle-free as well as dry.

If a jersey is not dried properly before being stored, it can start stinking real fast, requiring to be hung in an open cabinet locker.

Add drawers or cabinets to store other hockey gear

Add drawers or cabinets to store other hockey gear

Add drawers or cabinets to store other hockey gear

Not all hockey gear requires to be washed after every use. Equipment like pucks, helmets, gloves, tape, etc., are smaller objects that can easily be stored in drawers or cabinets for future use.

This approach keeps everything organized while also protecting them from scruff marks, dents, or any other damage they may receive otherwise.


If you are looking to store away your hockey gear until the start of the next hockey season, your garage is the best place for you.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to set up a hockey area in your garage, and the plus point is that your gear remains safely out of sight in an organized manner until you need it again.

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