The Best Exterior House Design Trends

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The Best Exterior House Design Trends

Has your house’s exterior been looking a little dull lately? Are you tired of the same boring exterior design your home has had for years? There comes a time in everyone’s life when they want to change. After all, change is the only constant in our lives!

Plus, keeping your house era-appropriate and up to speed with the latest trends is essential. After all, everyone wants to impress onlookers with how beautiful their house is, right?

Home exterior designs are constantly changing. New designs, styles, and colors are continuously flooding the market. Therefore, choosing a design that meets your demands can become very challenging.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled some of the best home exterior designs we could find. They are well suited to the Trends 2024, and one might meet your expectations.

1. Neutral Palettes

If you are looking for the best exterior paint colors, neutral color palettes are your go-to. They have been relatively popular throughout 2024. They may appear color-deficient, but these muted shades can look amazing with appropriate lighting. Their underlying hues can be very attractive, too.

Many people opt for neutral colors because they go well with the natural elements. You can combine these colors with anything you want, and they will still give your house a welcoming vibe.

Dark Colors To Improve Curb Appeal

Dark Colors To Improve Curb Appeal

2. Dark Colors To Improve Curb Appeal

Do you plan on selling your house any time soon? Do you want your house to stand out among other houses in the neighborhood? Perhaps you’re tired of all the dull colors wearing your home’s appearance.

Whatever the case, dark paint is the solution to all these problems. Dark Shades of Garage Doors such as black or navy blue are eye-catching. They tend to improve your home’s curb appeal instantly. If you want a dramatic vibe, immediately get some dark colors!

You don’t even have to paint your home’s entire exterior. Simply painting the front door or slashing a trim of black or grey will give you the required results.

3. Modern Farmhouse Appearance

It is common for many people to desire traditional styles for their homes. If you’re one of these enthusiasts, you should opt for a farmhouse design for your home’s exterior!

Modern farmhouses tend to integrate contemporary styles with old-age and vintage aesthetics. Thus, you can have a balance between both. Such looks will attract onlookers and do justice to all the money you put into it.

In case you’re unaware of a farmhouse design, it comprises a white exterior highlighted by a dark roof and trim.

4. Mixed Materials For Texture

The trend that is probably becoming the most popular these days is mixing different materials to create a visual texture. It has stricken the interest of several people and is being used more and more every day. This design best suits your needs to add aesthetic appeal and give your house exterior a catchy vibe.

This design can accentuate your home’s architectural features, too. Materials like stone and brick can give your house a natural texture and the depth that it rightfully deserves.

Metal elements can also achieve exterior texture. If not, you can use genuine wood accents, vinyl siding, or wood siding for extra visual interest.

Mixed Materials For Texture

Mixed Materials For Texture

5. Outdoor Living Space

The recent outburst of COVID-19 resulted in a much-increased demand for this design. This is because outdoor living rooms allow people to gather in the same place while maintaining social-distance protocols.

You can change your patio, deck, gazebo, or front porch into a peaceful outdoor gathering area.

6. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Space

Producing harmony in your exterior can be quite a task. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by creating a seamless and smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

New windows and large glass doors can be added. The furniture can be shifted around to face the outdoors. Such measures help generate well-ventilated interiors.

Modern Home’s Exterior Lighting

Modern Home’s Exterior Lighting

7. Modern Home’s Exterior Lighting

Another trendy design for home exteriors is lighting. Using lighting to accentuate the exterior features can be very effective. All you need to do is choose the right angles and the lighting color, and voila! Your home’s entire vibe will change dramatically. You won’t even know what happened from dull to a highly welcoming aura.

If appropriately used, lighting can greatly improve your curb appeal, too. The following is a list of the best options for exterior lighting you can look into:

  • Path lights
  • String lights
  • Fireplace
  • Freestanding walkway lights
  • Lanterns

Bottom Line

Keeping up with modern home exterior design trends can be challenging. Are you considering updating your home’s exterior and can’t decide which design to opt for? Worry not!

This article will help you decide within the blink of an eye. Go through the content to find out more.

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