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About ETS Garage Door Repair Of Portland

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Portland LLC, a licensed, locally owned, and family-run business, is proud to be recognized as the best garage door repair and installation company in Portland. We love our neighborhood and community, so satisfaction and up-to-the-mark services are guaranteed from us.

No matter what kind of Garage Door Services you want, we cover them. ETS Garage Door Of Portland is always there for you, from the garage door installation to minor repair. We are proud of our team of skilled technicians for being available for every kind of emergency service needed in the city.

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May it be an emergency, a routine checkup, or an installation of a garage door, give us a call at (971) 229-4525

Availability: We work Sunday-Friday, from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm, and our office is located at 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97239. We are a mobile service garage door company.

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Highly Trained, Qualified, And Courteous Technicians

ETS Garage Door Of Portland has the town’s most highly trained, qualified, and courteous technicians. Our old clients have vouched for our services with positive feedback and website reviews. We offer the maximum affordable rates to ensure the safety of your home.

We send our technicians the same day for assistance. One of our core values is that we will be there for you round the clock and any day of the year. We understand how important a garage door is for your property, so we are happy to offer a free estimate of any needed repair. Thus, our technicians provide a hassle-free service, and our utmost priority is our work quality.

Our dedicated team isn’t satisfied with nothing less than extraordinary. From identifying the problem to access solutions and installation to repair, we know every inch of it. Excellence is what a client deserves, and Professionalism is what we engrave!

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Specialize In Garage Door Repair And Installation

Is your garage door making an excess amount of squeaky noise? Are you noticing dents or damage due to bad weather? Is it moving up and down at random times in the day? If it is so, then don’t ignore it! The garage door must be inspected and maintained regularly with daily usage. Regular maintenance saves you from any significant repair or replacement.

ETS Garage Door Of Portland got you covered. We have a team of experts who can easily find out what is wrong with your garage door. We have all the necessary tools, parts, and expertise to repair any garage door. Whether it’s a fall out of alignment or any problem in the strings, openers, or cables, trust our experts to get your garage door back on track.

Not only repair services, but we also excel in installing a New Garage Door. Don’t ever make the mistake of attempting to do it yourself when installing or other complicated repairs. Leave the job to the muscles who know it all.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable team offers quick, up-to-the-mark, and 100% professional installation and repair services for any garage door.

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