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New Garage Door – Installation & Replacement

One of the many ways to update the look of your exterior is to Upgrade Your Garage Door entirely. We have the largest selection of aluminum, steel, glass and custom garage doors to meet any style and preference. Our high-quality doors only come from reputable manufacturers to give your home the protection it needs from weather, rust, and wear. Whether you want tier 1, 2 or 3 insulation for your garage, we’ve got you covered and can usually install it the same day.

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Steel Doors

Steel Garage Doors are the most common because they tend to be inexpensive, insulated and are more easily maintained. You can quickly change the look of your home by painting it whatever color you prefer.

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Aluminim Doors

Wood Garage Doors are a beautiful way to add a different look to your home. They come in plywood, cedar, and redwood. Plywood is the cheapest, but because it is so thin it may be insulated with a foam core. These types of doors can also come with a “wood skin” attached to give it more of a wooden appearance. We have the most attractive line of wooden new garage doors in Portland, and each one comes with an extended warranty for your security.

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Glass Doors

Glass Garage Doors are another way to add class and eye-catching detail to your home. Made of fiberglass, these kind come in a variety of frosts, styles, and insulation. These doors can double as a sliding patio door because they are so versatile in their appearance. Glass garage doors are quickly becoming the most popular type of door available on the market today and are seen on many high-end homes.

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Custom Garage Doors

Still, want something more contemporary? A Custom Garage Door may be just what you’re looking for! These doors can be steel, wood, or glass and are designed to match your exact request. Whether you want more windows, a rustic wrought iron design, or want to have a mural painted on it, these types of doors are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. Custom doors do take longer to install than the other types as they have to be specifically ordered from the manufacturer to your specifications.

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