Is Garage Door Repair Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

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Is Garage Door Repair Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Garage doors are a huge part of our home’s security. However, when the Garage Door Is Damaged, it leaves the home vulnerable to the elements and criminals. The question we often get asked by homeowners is if their garage doors are covered by insurance and if they are, then which policy should they get?

Insurance policies will vary from one state to the next, but in the majority of states, the requirement is for the motorist to have liability coverage that covers their expenses resulting from the vehicle coming in contact with the property. For instance, if the motorist hits a garage door, then the garage door is covered under the liability insurance. That said, there are a couple of instances where someone could hit your garage door and not be liable to cover the cost of repairs. So, what should you do in some of the most common circumstances?

Instances Where Insurance Covers Damages to the Garage Door

Fortunately, there are many instances where insurance will cover damage to the garage door like If it was hit by a drunk driver or a negligent driver to veered off the road and hit your garage door. However, for this to happen, the driver will need to have an insurance policy.

When the cost of the damage to your garage door exceeds that of what the negligent driver’s insurance company can cover, homeowner’s insurance should cover the balance amount. That said, if you encounter an uninsured, negligent party, having homeowner’s insurance will mean that damage is entirely covered. That said, please keep in mind that insurance does not always cover the full amount.

Should You invest in a Steel Garage Door Pros Vs

When should you file a claim, or under which circumstance is the best? You should file a claim ASAP and for as much as possible so that the damage is covered ideally in full. But most policies have limits when it comes to how much they cover for garage doors. If you only have homeowners insurance to fall back on, then the deductibles may probably exceed the coverage amount. So, you’ll want to weigh the benefits of the claims.

Paying for Garage Door Damage Out of Your Pocket

There are times when it is best to pay out of your pocket like when the damage to your door minor. Getting the insurance company involved just creates more hurdles and hassle. Also, if you’re going to end up paying deductibles which make up for more than half of the costs associated with repairs, then making a claim is pointless because doing so will raise the premiums of your insurance.

You will also not want to file a claim if: 

  • The garage door is in bad condition
  • You have more than one claim filed in the past year
  • You haven’t paid your premiums in a while


So to sum it up, garage door repair is covered under homeowners’ insurance. But claiming it might not always be the best decision.

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