Ways to Freshen up a Stinky Garage

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Ways to Freshen up a Stinky Garage

A garage is one of the most used spaces in the whole house. Even though it is a storage area where all items that don’t make it into the house have space, A quick makeover can transform the space into a gym, a yoga studio or a man cave as well. But, a makeover is one phase to change this space for alternate uses. A common problem is the odors that come out of nowhere and linger around the garage. There are many ways through which one can remove any smells and give the garage a refreshed look.

Why is it Stinky?

Yes! The garage is now stinky and smells weird to eliminate this odor we must first find the cause of the smell. A lying garbage can, bags left out or smelly socks might be one of the causes due to which there might be a weird smell around. A drain system which is under the floor can also be a cause of the smell. If the garage has a lot of moisture retention and dampness, this may be a mildew issue.
Most common things that leave a trail of smell are:
1. Paint
2. Garbage
3. Lawn chemicals
4. Solutions which used for cleaning
5. Pets and their litter
6. And Bedding

Fresh and Clean always!

Now that the source of the odor is understood, There are multiple ways in which you can get rid of it. The first step is to move everything away from the place the smell has originated. The next step is to sanitize and deodorize using the smell of an all-purpose cleaner which is disinfectant and let it dry thoroughly before putting anything in the area. If there are moisture and a problem of mildew, using a solution of water and bleach will not only kill the bacteria but also remove any stain marks around.
Another way to make sure no smell lingers around is to scrub the garbage cans with a cleaning solution and relocating the garbage as close as to the garage doors.

Air Circulation

If the above-given reasons are a cause for retention of smell in the garage, Improving the ventilation in the garage might be a good option.Lack of air circulation might be one of the leading cause because of which mold, mildew forms in the garage. A flow of air because of a ceiling fan, temperature control system in the garage can be beneficial to remove this problem.

Keeping the Stink away

Keeping the moisture levels stable with the temperature being normal will not allow any mold to grow, air ventilation can do this. Air fresheners can keep the garage smelling good and remove any more lingering smells. Activated charcoal and baking soda are one of the best agents to eliminate any odor.

Enjoy the Fresh Sweet Smell!

The garage is one of the most critical places after all! Minimizing the odor and seeking Professional repairman to make the garage a better livable space is essential.

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