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Almost every home in Salem has a garage door, and despite the latest doors using an assortment of high-tech metals and instruments they still fail. The most common failure is that the garage door will refuse to open and or close. The cause of the issue can vary from being a stuck belt to problems with the opener or even a damaged door. Some of these issues are relatively easy to fix and can be done by the homeowner him or herself. Though if everything you try short of opening up the garage door does not fix it, it is time to hire a team of professionals like us.

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
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Maintenance is the Key to a Lengthy Garage Door Life

When it comes to maintenance, there are two different types. The first type is referred to as regular maintenance. That’s the type of maintenance discussed in your garage’s users manual and can be carried out on your own. While this type of maintenance is suitable when it comes to ensuring that your garage door continues to hum without a hitch, it does not extend its service life. Regular maintenance will also not help you avoid potential breakdowns anytime soon.

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem - Garage Door Repair & Installation Services
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Professional Maintenance

The life-extending and potentially trouble avoiding maintenance are called professional maintenance, and that’s the type we offer. Our professional maintenance helps to spot and fix potential issues so that you’re never left stranded with the garage door, not opening. If we think that the garage door will require extensive repairs, we will provide you with a list and an estimate for the job. We will then start working once you approve of it. If anything, the maintenance service we offer should be undertaken annually.

Our Garage Door Repair Versus the Competition

When you hire most garage door companies their approach is to get in and out as soon as possible. Usually, that means missing other things which may be going wrong with your garage door. For instance, if the garage door isn’t opening, and the reason is a broken belt, the service you hire will replace the belt and move on to the next job. However, they will fail to examine and determine the reason for the belt breaking. The result is if that issue isn’t fixed your belt is bound to break again, an inconvenience which can become very frustrating. When you hire us, our goal is to address the root of the problem so that you don’t have to deal with it again. That’s why we back all work done with a warranty.

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem - Garage Door Repair & Installation Services10
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salem
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We Work as a Team

Two heads and four hands are better than a single person in the garage door industry. That’s why instead of a single person, we send over a team. Working as a team helps us find and fix issues that others miss. Not to mention the fact that we get in and out in no time!
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