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As a homeowner in Corvallis you have probably experienced numerous garage door problems, and you are indeed not alone. Most homeowners experience an issue with their garage doors at least once a year on average. The more cycles a garage door has gone through during daily use, the more it becomes imperative to invest in some form of preventive maintenance. While there are many types of repair and maintenance you can’t handle on your own, a couple of common issues can be fixed. Though you’ll need to identify the problem before it can be fixed if you are doing it yourself. In this article, we will discuss a couple of issues you can fix by yourself, but you’ll need some experience and tools. Plus you’ll be doing so at your own peril.

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis- Garage Door Repair & Installation Services20
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The Garage door won’t work

It is bound to be most people’s no.1 problem, but in some cases, it can be fixed easily. Most chain or screw driven garage door openers that won’t work will require some lubrication to reduce friction. Use a silicone-based lubricant or a spray lube across the full length of the opener and wipe off the access. That should help ease opening and closing the door.

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis- Garage Door Repair & Installation Services21
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
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Annoying Noises from the Garage Door

The annoying noises come from shabby, squeaking or lose parts within the garage door. All of these problems may be annoying, but there are a couple of simple solutions. The simplest solution is lubrication. You may want to apply lubrication to the squeaky part. However, if that part can’t be reached or requires opening up the garage door, then it is time to call a professional like us.

Garage Door Closes Then Open Immediately After

Generally, this is an issue with the alignment of the door’s photo-eye. The photo eyes are plastic devices which serve to add a layer of safety. They are located on both sides of the door. Look out for a flashing light, generally green color on the device. You may also want to see if something is obstructing the photo-eyes. Once it is confirmed that the photo-eyes aren’t misaligned, you will want to measure from the ground to the photo eye. Then another measurement from the wall to the center. Do the same for both sides. Finally, adjust both the sides based on your measurements so that they are both perfectly aligned

ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Corvallis
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Don’t Do it Yourself

Garage door repair is a dangerous job for someone who does not know what they are doing. While doing the above is relatively safe, you don’t want to do anything that requires opening up the garage door. Never attempt fixes like changing a broken or worn out belt or chain. Regardless of what you read on the internet one wrong move can cause a great deal of damage. That’s why professionals like us are just one call away. Our team of seasoned experts will repair your garage door in the best possible way while enduring competitive pricing.

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