Garage Door Openers – Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Garage Door Openers are a great option for any home as they help to lift and close your door at the push of a button. They come in many shapes and sizes from many different brands such as LiftMaster, Genie, Clopay, Chamberlain, and more. Regardless of the brand, the opener itself is going to be one of three types such as: Belt Drive, Screw Drive, or Chain Drive.

No matter what you currently have installed or wish to replace, we have the tools and training to get the job done often the same day. All of our services include an extended warranty to give you peace of mind and our technicians are 100% mobile to serve you when you need them most. Following is a more in depth description of each type of opener and what you can expect both in performance and cost.

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Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers are the most common opener on the market. As the name implies, these motors use a chain, not unlike a bicycle chain and a sprocket gear to pull the door open and closed again. That makes it easy to repair and maintain but can cause problems if not properly lubricated and cleaned regularly. Chain drives can be pretty noisy during operation but are the most economical and cost-effective to install and replace.

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Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are the most expensive, and most popular, opener available on the market today. Unlike the first two types, these openers are both extremely quiet, and easy to maintain as the belt can be replaced quickly. Belt drives are similar to chain drives but use a rotating belt geared down for lower speed and higher torque, which drives a pulley at one end of the belt. That makes for smooth and quiet operation. No matter which garage door opener in Portland you’re looking for, we’ve got everything needed to repair, replace and install any brand on the spot.

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Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers are very different from chain drives as their primary lifting mechanism is a long screw that relies on pure torque to lift the door. These type of openers are great for heavier doors such as wood or any other application where a chain drive just can’t handle the load. These units are also loud and shouldn’t be installed if there is a room or living space directly above the garage. They are also the hardest type to maintain and repair, so that is a something to consider when looking for a new opener. Screw drive openers come in many different HP’s, and we can install them the same day.

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