How Do I Open My Garage Door with A Broken Spring?

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How Do I Open My Garage Door with A Broken Spring?

One of the questions that we often get asked as garage door experts is if it is possible to open a garage door that has a broken spring.

Now before we get into it, it is essential to understand that a Garage Door With a Broken Spring has nothing supporting its weight. So, depending on the size and weight of the door, lifting it manually may or may not be possible.

The other thing you should absolutely never do is to use the automatic opener to try and raise the door. Doing so will burn out the garage door opener, and getting it repaired is going to cost you more than the spring replacement, which you’ll still need to spend on.

All things considered, your best bet is to always call a Garage Door Repair Service.

If you are in a situation where it is important to get the car out of the garage, and you can’t wait for a professional to arrive, then only should you attempt to raise the garage door.

Below we will go through the steps you’ll need to take to lift a garage door with a broken spring. 

Step no. 1: You should start by taking a 6-foot step ladder on both sides of the garage door, i.e., left and right. Then ask a friend or family member to position themselves on one side and you on the other.

Step no. 2: Now, take a pry bar and insert it right underneath the corner of the door in between the floor and door. Both you and your friend should pry upwards at the same time, which should allow you both to grab the door from underneath.

Step no. 3: Now lift up the door together. Make sure that there is an equal balance on both sides, climb up the ladder, and take it all the way up until the garage door is open fully. Once open, you should clamp on a vice grip under both sides on the track, but below the rollers just so that the door does not suddenly slam shut.

Step no. 4: When it is time to close the garage door, take both ladders and position them right under the garage door on both ends. Then take off the vice grips. Slowly allow the garage door to lower as you get down each step at a time.  You may also want to place vice grips underneath the track, which should make opening it easier the next time.

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What You Should Never Do?

If the garage door spring is broken, you should never try to lift the door yourself. Even if you consider yourself strong, one wrong move could mean that the door lands on top of you.

You should also never attempt to fix a garage door spring on your own. The process is dangerous, and without the right tools, you’ll do more harm than any good.

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