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Have you ever wondered what parts make your garage door moving? Whenever you open and close those doors, you enable a series of parts to harmonize in a way that makes a Heavy Garage Door move up in the air to allow you to take out your vehicle.

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Garage Door Parts at ETS:

Garage doors are handy appliances. Aside from keeping your automobile safe from the elements, most modern doors get controlled remotely. However, irrespective of how convenient they are, the mechanical aspects of a garage door and opener will need repairs at some point. Therefore, you must first understand the fundamental components of the complete system. These include:

  1.  Heavy Duty Springs
  2.  Ultra-Quiet Rollers
  3.  High-Quality Torsion Cables
  4.  Heavy Duty Drums
  5.  Center Bearing Plates

Heavy Duty Garage Door Springs:

Garage doors do not rely on the motor to provide all of the energy required to lift the door. Instead, springs contain potential energy, which can generate enough power to balance the door’s weight. That is why, when you physically lift a garage door, you are not handling anywhere near the whole weight of the door.

Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Rollers:

Rollers are little wheels that get positioned on both sides of the garage door. As the mechanism lifts the door, the garage door rollers move down the inside of the tracks to keep the door straight. As a safety precaution, if your garage door falls off this track, it will not be able to open.

High-Quality Garage Door Torsion Cables:

A retention cable’s purpose is to help prevent an extension spring from dropping or flying around the garage if it breaks. Lift cables are responsible for maintaining the spring tension that counterbalances the door’s weight, allowing us to lift a massive, heavy door effortlessly.

Heavy Duty Garage Door Drums:

The drums are simply pulley wheels connected to the tube’s ends. The energy released by the springs causes the drums to rotate. Because the drums get linked to the cables, the rotation causes the wires to move.

Center Garage Door Bearing Plates:

Bearings get used along the length of the torsion tube in every garage door system. Torsion spring garage doors have bearings and bearing plates that must get replaced on occasion. The center bushing or bearing is located inside the stationary cone of your torsion spring and is responsible for keeping the torsion bar centered in the spring.
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