Should You invest in a Steel Garage Door? Pros Vs. Cons

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Should You invest in a Steel Garage Door? Pros Vs. Cons

What is the first thing you notice when you see a garage door? Most people on average will notice what the garage door is made from and if it looks good. In the majority of cases home and business owners will prefer to have steel garage doors because they are durable. However, while there are many benefits of steel, it is also essential to be aware of the cons.

If you are considering a steel garage door or are trying to make a choice it is worth considering both sides of the coin. That’s why in this article we weigh both the pros and cons of a steel garage door.

The Pros of Steel Garage Doors

While there are dozens of pros, we focus on the most core features that set a steel garage door apart from all other materials:

  • To start with steel garage doors are economical. Even though wood has excellent curb appeal, but the costs outweigh that perceived appeal. In most cases, steel garage doors pricing is one-third of wooden garage doors.
  • Steel garage doors are extremely durable. They can withstand the brutal Texas summer and brave through the Michigan winter. However, that’s not the case with wood as rainstorms, moisture and many other things can kick start the clock which moves each day towards the door decaying. Plus wood can warp very easily.
  • Steel doors require a lot less maintenance compared to many other materials. Wood garage doors, for instance, require painting or they need it to be stained every twenty-four months of average. Steel doors come pre-painted, which is usually a coating. All that’s required is to wash them every few months, and they will continue looking as good as new.

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The Cons of Steel Garage Doors

  • When you have a steel door, there is a difference between every one of the panels. What this means is that more expensive doors are of lower gauge steel while the cheap ones are made from higher gauge making them thinner. If the steel is weak, it tends to rust faster. So, you’ll want to buy one with the lowest gauge steel.
  • Steel garage doors that are made from uninsulated steel will waste energy which means your home will be consuming more energy. Plus if there is no insulation the garage door is unnecessarily noisy.
  • Steel doors can be dented depending on the gauge of the steel. The thicker the steel is, the more resistant it will be to minor accidents which can cause dents.


If you already have a wood garage door and would like to switch to steel or vice versa we can help you. As a professional garage door repair and installation company, we can ensure that your steel garage door is installed correctly. Plus, we can repair any and all problems with your garage door, not to mention helping you buy the right one based on our professional recommendation.

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