The Most Efficient Way to Store Summer Toys in Your Garage

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The Most Efficient Way to Store Summer Toys in Your Garage

Summer is fun and for many a busy time of the year. So, whether it is sporting events, doing yard work, or taking the kids to your local pool, things tend to pile up. Once summer ends all those souvenirs have to go somewhere, and for most people, it will end up in the garage. That said with a little planning and organization, it is possible to store everything in a way so that it is as good as new the next year.

Take Inventory

Many people go through their previous year’s summer items and think “what is all this stuff”? Well, that’s where taking inventory is so important. Taking inventory has the benefit of offering you insight as to if you want to keep some of the stuff you purchase or just throw them out and buy new next year.

Categorize Items

Once you know what is in your garage and what needs to be kept, it is time to categorize them. Categorizing the items is easy. For instance, you can have categories like landscaping tools, pool toys, tools, vehicles, exercise equipment, etc.

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Do You Have Adequate Storage?

How have you previously-stored things? Did you store items in shelves, racks, bins, cabinets, etc.? You might want to consider vertical storage and some garage ceiling mounted racks. If required, it will be a good idea to buy more storage solutions.

Place Things Accordingly

You will want to store toys and other items in the garage via utility. That means regularly used items will go near the door and those that are used just twice a year like holiday decorations can be placed a little further in corners. If you have kids around, then harmful chemicals like mainly cleaning supplies and gardening chemicals should be kept in a hard to reach location. Though all items that your kids often access should be kept within reach.

Large Toys

Large toys like your motorcycle, eBike, and even your car which isn’t used as often should be covered. The cover should be water and dust resistant. It is possible to find vehicle specific items which ensure that they fit perfectly. Though vehicles still get dirty when they are sitting around in the garage. Vehicles that you use all year round should be easy to take out and hence placed accordingly in the garage.


Everyone likes the feeling of a well organized an clean garage. Though we are busy throughout the year, which makes forgetting to keep the garage organized easy. That’s why it is the least organized parts of our home. If your garage is clean, and well organized yet, you feel something is missing; it could be that your garage door needs some attention. Perhaps call a professional to take a look and run routine maintenance for its efficient performance.

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