Black Garage Doors are the New Trend

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Black Garage Doors are the New Trend

Have you ever thought of getting a black garage door? In the latest days, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers looking for black garage doors, particularly in the Atlanta region.

This is due to a current trend in exterior and interior home design of mid-century modern and contemporary designs. As a result, our firm was not surprised to see that more consumers were interested in improving their property with a black garage door.

Vibrant and dark-colored garage doors have focused on today’s latest exterior design trends, replacing the traditional white or neutral garage door.

ETS Garage Door of Portland provides information on this growing trend of black garage door upgrades, whether someone is upgrading on a budget or searching for a creative new method to liven up their home’s curb appeal.

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Contrary to popular belief, “black garage doors” are not as strong as they appear. While your initial thought seems that a black garage door will stand out enough, we have found that this is rarely the case.

Black garage doors, depending on the type of your home, might give it a more contemporary aspect. They provide a contemporary, streamlined edge to your property rather than detracting from its architectural splendor.

However, changing to a black garage door isn’t as easy as picking up a can of paint. There are a Variety Of Styles and Materials To Choose from, which we’ll go through below.

Options For Black Garage Doors

  • Garage Doors In Black Steel

Although repainting your garage door may appear to be a simple and inexpensive option to give it a unique design, it is not suggested. If you repaint your garage door black, the paint can absorb a lot more heat than you expected. As a result, they are inefficient in terms of energy use.

Black paint is also more susceptible to deteriorating over time since it draws more of the sun’s rays. As a result, picking just any can of exterior paint from your local hardware shop when you want a black garage door is not suggested.

Options For Black Garage Doors

Options For Black Garage Doors

If you want your house to have the improved, modern style of a black steel garage door, there is a solution to these issues. These black doors, which are finished with specialist paint, really deflect a lot of the harmful radiation from your home.

As a result, you have the curb appeal you want while still getting the energy efficiency your house requires.

This specialty paint can finish any sectional garage door, from conventional to modern. A black finish gives stunning visual appeal to Carriage House-type Or Modern Design Steel Doors, whether you desire a bold contemporary makeover or a sinister look.

  • Black Garage Doors in Glass & Aluminum 

You may pick a glass garage door in addition to a paint job on a classic or carriage house door. A black glass garage door, in reality, is a striking addition to any modern home. This service is available in clear glass with a black metal frame or black tinted infinity glass.

Arm-R-Lite and CHI, for example, provide a variety of design alternatives for black glass garage doors. As a result, you may make your new black glass doors unique to your home.

Glass garage doors not only look great, but they also give much natural light to your garage and maybe tinted to keep your privacy.

  • Garage Doors Made Of Black Wood

You may use black to paint the door’s trim, knobs, or fake hinges to embellish your door and create a classy statement. It’s a beautiful complement for wooden garage doors or practically any paint color.

Take this further and have a black garage door for a startlingly bold design. Despite their perceived difficulty, off-blacks, such as blue-black or dark grey, have maintained some of the most popular color selections over the years.

The Advantages of a Black Garage Door

The Advantages of a Black Garage Door

The Advantages of a Black Garage Door

  • A Modern, Mew Look:

Placing a Black Garage Door can instantly solve your problem if you are bored of staring at the front of your house because it’s too monotonous or straightforward. This contrasts your property and helps the outside appear fresher and more modern. So you’ll be pleased with what you see the next time you step out into the yard.

  • Increase Your Property Value:

Replacing your garage door is a fantastic way to boost the value of your property, and changing it with a modern black door can boost it even more!

Bottom Line

Black is commonly a trim or accent color for houses and doors. It is, nonetheless, a common choice for garage doors.

Black provides a bold and daring vibe when applied as the garage door’s predominant hue. Contact ETS Garage Doors if you would like a black garage door, and we’ll make sure you get one.

The company offers a wide range of garage doors in various specifications and colors to meet the needs and desires of our clients.

We can make a garage door in whatever color you choose, including black, blue, red, brown, orange, and pretty much any other color.

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