Tips To Fix A Loud Garage Door

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Tips To Fix A Loud Garage Door

The garage door typically produces a little noise but only a small bearable amount. A problem arises if your garage door starts making a lot of noise, resulting in complaints from your neighbors every time you open your garage door.

You can easily differentiate between a typical sound that a garage door produces and the noise a garage door has in case of a problem. If the sound that your garage door makes when you open it is uncomfortable, then there is some problem causing that noise.

If your garage door is making an unusual noise, there is no need to worry. This article has given you a few tips on how to fix a Loud Garage Door.


1. You Should Lubricate Metal Parts.

Garage doors contain metal parts such as rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs. These are responsible for the movement of the door. They need to be lubricated to help your garage have a smooth motion.

As these parts are made up of metals, they can get rusted due to weather changes or rain. This rusting means that for your garage door to perform a movement, it needs to be lubricated.

What To Do: You should lubricate your garage door often and don’t let it rust. If your garage door is lubricated, it will perform an excellent and noise-free movement.

You Should Lubricate Metal Parts.

You Should Lubricate Metal Parts.

2. You Should Tighten Up Bolts And Nuts.

Due to the change in weather, some of the parts in the garage door expand or contract. This happens due to the change in temperature. The parts expand in hot weather and contract in cold weather. Your garage door probably has a lot of nuts and bolts, and quite a lot of them expand or contract due to the temperature change. This ultimately loosens the pieces.

The nuts, bolts, or other pieces can loosen if you use your garage door daily. These loose pieces could be causing the loud noise that your garage door is making.

What To Do: There is an easy fix to this problem. You need to check the pieces on the garage door and see if any parts are loose. If there are any loose pieces, then you need to tighten them up. If you have a big garage door, it will have a lot of pieces. Tightening up the pieces will most probably solve your noise problem.

3. You Should Check Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are a vital part of the garage door. Usually, around 5 or 6 rollers are on each side of the garage door. These garage door rollers roll when the garage door is opened or closed. They help in making the garage door move smoothly.

Let’s assume that you have checked your garage door properly and loose pieces or unlubricated parts are not the reason for the bothersome noise. Then, it could be the garage door rollers. The garage door rollers cannot perform their assigned task if worn out or damaged.

You Should Check Garage Door Rollers

You Should Check Garage Door Rollers

If the garage door rollers are damaged, they slide along the ground rather than roll on it. The contact between the hard ground and the garage door during sliding produces an unbearable noise.

What To Do: The solution to this problem is to repair the damaged garage door rollers or replace them with new ones. You will need a professional to make an inspection to determine which option is better.

4. You Should Inspect The Garage Door Tracks

You might find nothing, even when carefully inspecting your garage door. You can try looking for loose pieces, unlubricated parts, etc. However, you may end up with no discovery, yet the sound is still ringing in your ears.

Well, if there is nothing wrong with your garage door, then what is causing the noise? It is most probably caused due to any rocks or debris in the Garage Door Tracks. The garage door track is the path the door crosses to open or close. If rocks or debris are in the garage door’s path, they will produce noise every time they hit the garage door rollers.

You Should Inspect The Garage Door Tracks

You Should Inspect The Garage Door Tracks

What To Do: To avoid this or solve this issue, you need to make sure that there are no visible rocks or debris in the door’s path.

Bottom Line

Are you frustrated with the loud noises being emitted by your garage door recently? Does your door ring your ears whenever you open or close it too? If yes, you have come to the right place. This article highlights tips on how to fix a loud garage door.

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