Do You have a problem with the Garage Door Track?

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Do You have a problem with the Garage Door Track?

One of the things that many people report is that their garage door has a tough time moving. Some even tell us that their door will not move at all. Many people fear that because the garage door isn’t moving, the resulting repairs will be expensive when in fact, that’s not the case. In most cases, you’re dealing with a garage door track issue which is easily fixed. Not to mention that it is also a cheap fix.


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You Need to Understand the Importance of Garage Door Tracks


The tracks through which the garage door’s rollers ride through happen to be some of the most essential parts of the system and yet it is easily overlooked. One reason why they are overlooked is that they aren’t flashy, and most people never even notice the tracks. That said that does not mean they should be ignored, especially if you are having an issue that relates to them.


As the garage door continues to be used, the tracks will accumulate dirt, sand and grit. Once there is enough grit and dirt, the tracks aren’t conducive to the movement of the garage door. However, it does not suddenly happen. The tracks become stiffer over time and the garage door gradually becomes harder to move. Plus, they will lead to premature roller wear.


The solution to the problem as many people reading this have already guessed is to clean the tracks. Examine the rollers, and if they show signs of wear, then they have to be replaced as well. Most garage door technicians can replace the rollers in a few minutes.


Sudden Jams Caused by the Tracks


Now the way garage doors are built, they stick out slightly from the sides, and if those sides are dented which can happen, they can result in the door getting jammed. The slightest bump from a vehicle will cause the door to pinch the tracks, that will stop the rollers on the side of the door from being able to pass through it.


The tracks can be reshaped back to their original shape by using specialized tools. If the damage is too severe, or the material is not easy to work with, then the garage door tracks have to be replaced.  


The good news is that garage door tracks are cheaper than a new garage door opener. However, installing them can take some time. That said, you should call aprofessional repair service right away so that the tracks can be fixed before it causes any other issues with the garage door.




Issues with your garage door track can be fixed, and in some cases, you’ll need professional help. If you are not sure what is causing the problem, it is always best to call a team of experts to examine the garage door and fix it. It will if anything, save you time, money and frustration in the long-term.


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