What Causes my Garage Door to Get Stuck Halfway?

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What Causes my Garage Door to Get Stuck Halfway?

If you’ve used both manual and automated garage doors, you know how convenient the latter is. You don’t have to do the manual labor of opening the door yourself. You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to open or close it. One press of a button on your remote and the door opens or closes obediently.

High-Quality Garage Doors can be expected to last many years. However, they are machines at the end of the day, so even the slightest technical problem can hinder their normal functioning greatly.

A malfunctioning garage door can become a real headache. Therefore, it is always better to deal with it straight away rather than letting it become more complicated.

One of the most common garage door issues received by many garage door companies is the door getting stuck halfway through its motion. The door might not open or close beyond a certain point.

The issue can be as significant as the door reversing on its own and going back up when it was supposed to close. All these problems can make the garage vulnerable to robberies and thefts.

This article has compiled all the possible causes of a door getting stuck halfway while opening or closing. Now, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Worn-Out Garage Door Cables

A worn cable is often a cause of these typical garage door problems. If that is the case, you will notice that the door is leaning to one side. This happens because the cable on only the leaning side is damaged. The one at the other end is intact. It leads to the door rubbing against the floor.

If you notice that your garage door cable is damaged, call the local door company immediately and ask them for a replacement. If you leave your door like this, the constant rubbing can leave dents and damage the paint at the bottom.

Obstructed Or Misaligned Sensors

Obstructed Or Misaligned Sensors

2. Obstructed Or Misaligned Sensors

Garage door sensors are imperial to the door’s normal functioning. They are composed of twoeyes” that shoot infrared beams towards each other.

  • For the sensor to function correctly, the eyes need to be aligned. In other words, they both need to be placed at the same height from the ground. If that is the case, the door should be able to close and open without issues.
  • However, the beam’s path can be interrupted if an object lies between both eyes. This interruption of communication can hinder the ability of the garage door to close fully.
  • Not only that, the safety mechanism of the photo-eye will be impaired. The entire sensor system is designed to protect anyone or anything from being crushed by the door. If a child or pet accidentally enters the door’s path, the sensor’s beam gets interrupted, and the door stops immediately. This feature prevents several accidents every year. If it stops working, it can pose a considerable security threat to members of your household.
  • The sensor’s beam might be interrupted if your garage door is stuck halfway in its path. This can easily be checked by observing your garage door’s path and looking for any obstructions in the way of the infrared rays. Once this is done, you should check the alignment of the sensor’s photo-eyes.
  • Finally, look for any debris or dirt that might have been collected on the photo-eyes. If these checkups turn fine, you should probably call a garage door company for professional help.

3. Broken Springs Or Those Under Tension

Another cause of a stuck garage door is broken springs. There are two types of springs:

  • Extension Springs

These are found on either side of the door or above it. If you notice a piece hanging on the side of your door, that is a sign of damage.

  • Torsion Springs

Broken Springs Or Those Under Tension

Broken Springs Or Those Under Tension

Located horizontally above the door, these springs can sometimes have a gap. This is an indication of damage.

In case you notice any damage to your springs, never touch them yourself. Call your Local and the Best Garage Door Company straight away. The professionals will handle the rest.

It is highly unsafe to tinker with the springs on your own. One mistake, and the door could come crashing on top of you.

4. The Need For Regular Service

Garage doors get stuck simply because they have been left unserviced for quite a while—the springs on your doorway move when the door opens or shuts. Over time, they must be readjusted to prevent the door from becoming excessively heavy on the motor.

Therefore, if you haven’t had your doors serviced for quite a long time, you should get to it immediately.

The Need For Regular Service

The Need For Regular Service

Bottom Line

Has your garage door been bothering you recently as well? Are you looking for the possible causes for your stuck garage door? If so, you have come to the right place.

This article highlights the significant reasons a garage door gets stuck halfway through its path.

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