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Single Car vs. Double Car Garage

Moving to a new place or renovating your own home, many ideas come to your mind. Like, paint or wallpapers on the wall, wooden flooring or carpeting, and two single or one double car garage door. It is dependent on your requirements and the styling of your house.

In this article, the main discussion is regarding the single car or double car garage doors. Take a look at these points, suggestions and choose the most suitable solution for your household.

Physical Constraints Before Installation Of The Garage Doors

Before proceeding towards the selection of garage doors, you need to consider some of the external factors which are mentioned below:

Climatic conditions: Double garage doors reduce the flow of cold air passing through the garage if you live in a cold area. It helps in decreasing the bill of heat produced. It cut down the cost of air conditioning placed in the garage.

Improper functioning of the garage doors: If the double garage door stops working properly, such as breaking of spring, it will be impossible for you to take out more than one car from the garage. In contrast, the single garage door can help you bring out of the car.

Parking more than one car in the garage: The double garage door is the right choice for parking the three cars in the garage. These doors are mostly 16 ft to 18 ft which is not possible with the single garage door. A lot of effort is required while parking the car in the single garage door.

Physical Constraints Before Installation Of The Garage Doors

Physical Constraints Before Installation Of The Doors

Advantages Of Double Garage Door

It is an assumption that a double garage door is cheaper as compared to a single garage door. It can be true due to the additional charges for an extra garage door. Despite these facts, the following are the advantages of using double garage doors:

  • It is suitable for the family who has a truck as it can easily be driven into the garage. Even the backing out is much simpler than the double garage door.
  • After installing a double garage door, you can park any automobile in the center. A lot of space is available in the garage for loading, repairing, and wiping every side of it.
  • The opening of the double garage door helps in doing all the tasks related to the vehicle conveniently. Even the big projects related to carpentry are easy to do in the area of the garage.
  • If you prefer single garage doors, the whole styling will be like two different doors installed separately
Advantages Of Double Garage Door

Advantages Of Double Garage Door

Advantages Of Single Garage Door

Apart from the double garage door, the single garage door is also available for your garage. Some people like the looks of the single garage door as it is more pleasant and fashionable as well.

There are numerous advantages of installing the single garage door, which is as follows:

  • The two different doors help you in adjusting the space among the vehicles. You can open each door without any difficulty due to the availability of the area present.
  • You can even adjust the blowing entering into your garage by opening the single garage door.
  • If the garage door’s spring collapses, you can use another door for pulling out the vehicles from the garage. It is not possible in the case of double garage doors.
Advantages Of Single Garage Door

Advantages Of Single Garage Door

Considering The Best Appearance Of The Garage Door

For the looks and appearance, the designers and architects can guide you in a better way. The single garage door is a better option when the garage is heading towards your house. If the double garage door comes in front of your home, then you can make it attractive by placing the plants near it. It will change the whole appearance of the house and bring beauty to it.

The replacing of the garage door can completely change the exterior look of the garage door. ETS Garage Door Repair LLC offers services regarding installing and replacing garage doors made of steel, aluminum, or glass.

Primarily, the Steel Garage Doors Are Used as it is economical and requires less maintenance. Customization is also available at the ETS Garage Door Repair LLC according to your requirements.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is, a double garage door is a reasonable and recommended option as the wall has to build in between the single garage doors. The door operations are dependent on the spring system of the garage door without considering the size.

Every garage door is unique in its way; therefore, study both options carefully. Both garage door options are great, but it depends on the customer’s (owner) budget and requirements in mind.

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