Pros and Cons of Adding Windows to a Garage Door

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Pros and Cons of Adding Windows to a Garage Door

The garage door plays a key role in your home exterior. It acts as a shield between your vehicle, tools, and other stuff lying in the garage.

To make your curb more appealing, you need to work on the front portion to make a statement in the neighborhood. Nowadays, the installation of customized windows adds style and value to any garage door.

So, adding up some simple yet attractive windows to your garage door will not only make a path for natural light to come in but also increase your curb appeal and give it a premium look.

As a homeowner, if you want to add windows to the existing garage door or want to Buy a New Garage Door With Pre-installed Windows on it, it is your personal choice. But Don’t Worry! We are just here to help you in making the right decision.


Bring Natural Light To The Garage

Bring Natural Light To The Garage

Before that, it is better to know the pros and cons of adding windows to your garage door to make decision-making easier.


1. Bring Natural Light To The Garage

Lighting with overhead lamps is too low and dim for navigation in the garage. The windows installed on the door bring natural light to the garage and make your garage more welcoming, glowing, and easier to operate. Plus, it can save your energy bills by saving a substantial amount of energy.

2. Personal Styles and Designs

The garage door windows come in highly customizable styles and designs. Based on your aesthetic sense, you just give an order of personal design, such as a rectangular pane with the colored or diamond centerpiece, to the manufacturer.

Another best option is to match the windows on the garage exterior with the home exterior to enhance the outlook further.

3. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

To make the curb more appealing, try decorating the garage door with personally designed windows. Adding these yet simple details, for instance, the windows, will not only improve your curb appeal but also make your home garage exterior more welcoming and cozy. Further, these customized windows will instantly lift the front layout and make it noticeable from a distance.

4. Increase The Property Value/Resale Value

Some homeowners do not pay attention to details like adding windows to the garage door or other hardware and find it time-consuming. Some of them find it hard to maintain the add ons whole year.

But these garage door windows will pull off the whole look of your garage exterior to the next level and thus, increase the value of a property. Most importantly, it could be a positive sign for you when you are about to put your house on rent or sale.

5. Change Your Garage Door Into ‘Carriage Style’

Modern-day garage doors such as carriage-style doors are on-trend these days. Moreover, you can change your garage door to carriage style by adding its primary part, which is the windows.

6. Minimum To Zero Repair And Maintenance

Garage door windows are more resistant to stain; therefore, they can be cleaned easily compared to the painted door panels. Thus, it requires minimal to zero repairing and maintenance.


1. Potential For Damage Or Broken Glass

One of the major drawbacks associated with garage door windows is that they are more prone to damage like glass breaking from a stray ball or terrible weather conditions. The best choice is tempered glass, which is more powerful than regular glass to avoid broken glass damages.

2. Potential Risk of Privacy & Security

The risk of privacy and security is the primary concern while adding windows to the garage door. No doubt, clear glass garage door windows offer a splendid view which greatly brightens the interior; still, there remains a privacy issue. It might not be a deal-breaker for most of the part, but you definitely want to consider it if you are currently living in an unsafe neighborhood.

3. Garage Door Balance Issues

When installing windows, there might be a high chance that your existing garage door gets unbalanced. As each and every part of the garage door, such as the springs, is connected with high precision and accuracy. By altering the door, you make your garage door possibly unbalanced, which could cause harm to the door opener control system.

To avoid this potential damage, consider a garage door with pre-installed windows on it.

4. Less Energy Efficient

Adding windows to your garage doors will enhance the outlook, but at the same time, it removes the insulation material of that section and thus, further warm the garage.

Bottom Line

So, this concludes our brief guide on the practical pros and cons of adding windows to a garage door. In the end, it could be said that adding windows to a garage door also has associated advantages and drawbacks, just like any other thing. For now, it entirely depends on the homeowner, how they perceive it.

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