How to Open a Garage Door Manually When the Power Is Out

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How to Open a Garage Door Manually When the Power Is Out

The majority of garage doors are now electrical and automated. Automatic Garage Door Openers make it convenient and straightforward to go into and out of your garage. Fortunately, you are unlikely to find yourself in an unpleasant scenario that requires you to be locked outside of your garage, or worse, imprisoned inside it.

However, if the power goes out and the automation is not working, you could be wondering how to get it open. If you ever find yourself in such a precarious situation, there is no need to panic.

You must always keep calm and remember that there are a lot of manual ways to open a garage door without power both from inside and outside.

How Can You Open A Garage Door Manually From The Inside

Unplugging the Automatic Garage Door

The automated garage door opener is located at the bottom of the trolley track on the garage ceiling. In a situation where you have to resort to open a garage door manually, you can start by unplugging your automatic garage door’s opener. This way, you can release the door from the automatic track.

You don’t want the automatic opener to open the door while it is disengaged. If the power comes back on, this will make reconnecting the door to the track more difficult.

Pull the Emergency Cord

When there is no power, you must first ensure that the garage door is entirely closed before you try anything. On the trolley track above the door, look for the red handle hanging from a string. Pull the handle all the way down until it clicks. If you yank or snap the cord too hard, it may break. So be careful. After pulling the cord, you should pull straight up from the bottom until the door stops moving, making sure it stays in place before letting go.

Pull the door down by hand to close it once you have made it outside. If your door has a lock bar, slide it manually to lock it.

How Can You Open A Garage Door Manually From The Outside

Unlocking the Emergency Release Cord

The first to open a garage door without power from the outside is to locate the emergency release cord. A little lock is found towards the top of your garage door. An emergency release cord is kept in this lock. You’ll also need the key that goes with it.

The next step is to unlock the emergency release cord. To uncover a cable, turn the key and pull out the lock tumbler. The release mechanism will be triggered by this rope, putting your door into manual mode.

Unlock The Garage Door

After you have unlocked the emergency release cord, it’s time to unlock the garage door. Another lock next to a handle keeps the door locked lower down from the emergency release kit. Unlock the door with your key and turn the handle to the vertical position. Lift the door by pulling straight up. And before you go in to take your car out or park it in, make sure that the garage door will stay open.

Some Important Safety Tips

Keep in mind that there are several ways of opening an automated garage door manually. So, here are some of the ways you can bypass the safety hazards that come with a power outage when opening an electric garage door.

Always Know When to Leave the Matter to a Professional

You may have a problem with your springs if you detach the trolley and when the garage door is difficult to move. Because working with garage door springs is dangerous, you will need professional assistance.

Make Sure the Door is Closed Properly Before Pulling the Emergency Release Cord

You might be asking how to close a garage door after a power loss if your door is open or ajar. When the door is open, never use the emergency release because the door’s weight could cause it to come tumbling down. It’s advisable to wait until your electricity is restored before closing the door or seeking assistance from a garage door professional.

Use the Manual Lock

When the electricity goes out, your garage door’s automatic lock is disabled. During a power outage, slide the manual lock into place to keep your home safe.


The luxury and affordability of today’s appliances and mechanisms allow you to live a life that is faster, more comfortable, and more relaxed. It is all good to jump on the latest trends, but to truly utilize the full potential of newer technologies and mechanics, you must solve problems and find your way out of difficult situations.

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