What to Do About a Garage Floor Without a Drain?

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What to Do About a Garage Floor Without a Drain?

Having a garage without a drain can get on your nerves. Now and then, you will find yourself in a musky and damp situation. A garage floor with no drain is certainly not an ideal situation to have when it comes to the rainy or snowy season.

If you are someone who’s going through this upsetting situation, we got you. We have put together this compact guide in which we have discussed the best possible solutions for a drain-less garage. Let’s dive in!

A garage is something that is meant to be used constantly. With its door opening and closing now and then, the water will make its way inside and it’ll damage the floor and cause a smelly condition.

Ideally, one should instantly start to work on installing the drain in the garage, but in the meantime, there are some alternatives as well. Let’s talk about installing the drainage system first, then we’ll move on to some of the alternatives.

Installing a Garage Floor Drain

There is a series of steps and procedures that you have to go through to install the drain in a drain-less garage. Take a look.

Installing a Garage Floor Drain

Installing a Garage Floor Drain

Getting the Approval

Even though there is an option that you can install a drainage system in a garage on your own, it features heavy machinery and some expert thinking as well. So, it’s better to leave things to professionals and get your job done in an ideal way.

To have a proper water runoff, fixing the floor must be according to the code. Therefore, you have to get approval before you pick up your tools.

Expert to Fix a Garage Floor with No Drain

Calling an expert to fix the garage without drain is quite necessary if you have the slightest chance of messing things up. It is not all about installing the drain as there will be a lot of things to handle along with it. Perhaps, you don’t even have a sloped floor to channel all the water out.

In an ideal way, you would want a condition in which the water doesn’t even seep into your garage. You can do that by calling a professional to install a trench drain system. If that’s not an option for you, you can go for the ordinary drainage system.

Remember to call the professional for all the heavy work if it is not your cup of tea, he will finish the job in less time correctly and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer if you are going through this situation or it could lead to more damage.

Fixing a Garage Floor with No Drain on Your Own

If you know your way around heavy machinery and you think that you can fix your drain-less garage, you can give it a go yourself. Here are some pointers.

  • Be careful not to hit the gas line while you are digging trenches for pipes. Such areas are marked by the utility company.
  • Your house has a septic system installed, so try to tie your pipes into it. It will make many things easier for you to install a drainage system.
  • Digging is not an easy job, either it would require more manpower, or you can rent a backhoe.
  • This type of work can be dangerous for you as well, so you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right set of tools and safety gear.
  • To install a new floor with a drain, you will have to dig the concrete beneath the wall. The digging lets you access the trenches that you installed earlier and you will be able to connect them.
  • Now, to fill the trenches, you need to flood the newly created concrete over the floor. Don’t let any of the concrete get into the drain hole that you installed.
  • Once the floor is done, just put the lid on the new drain hole and you’ll be good to go.


Finding an alternative to this situation can be handy in the meantime which can lead to Freshening Up a Stinky Garage.

  • You can use the squeegee to gush all the water out immediately. It’s simple, inexpensive, yet a very effective way to deal with the melted snow or rain.
  • You can also invest your money in garage mats. Such mats feature polyvinyl protected by plastic snap-in borders on all sides. They will hold the water in and it won’t get onto the concrete. Later on, with a help of wet vac, you can get rid of the water.
  • It’s good practice to brush the car before you park it in your garage. In this way, the car will not carry any water or snow inside.


Looking after the drainage system of your home is quite necessary and when it comes to the garage with no drain, it becomes crucial. Having a garage filled up with all the musk will pave the way for far greater problems. Therefore, the best option is to fix it as soon as possible.

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