The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Kids

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The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Kids

A lot of houses around the world use garage doors as primary points of entry into the house. Whether you are driving the car or the kids entering on foot, you come in contact with the garage door every time you exit or enter your house.

After all, that’s the way Garages Are Built.

Since garage doors are a crucial part of the house and you and your family members, they need to be maintained regularly.

Garage doors that go unmaintained for a long time can lead you to getting stuck outside your house. The most common problem is your garage door getting jammed suddenly, or worse, being the cause of fatal accidents.

Familiarize your kids with the garage door system

Kids have a curious nature, they like to explore and meddle with everything they find interesting.

Most kids find the system of machinery that allows Garage doors to operate interesting, which is why they often touch, explore and interfere with different parts of your garage door, sometimes while the garage door is moving.

This can cause serious accidents as the kids are unaware of the Dos and Don’ts.

Familiarize your kids with the garage door system

Familiarize your kids with the garage door system

Take some time out to go over different moving parts of your garage door and their functionality with your kids to reduce this risk.

Try to answer their queries as best as possible to reduce the risk of your kids interfering with a moving garage door on their own.

Familiarize your kids with the hands-off zones on your garage door

Although your kids should be told repeatedly not to meddle with the entire operating system of your garage door, some points must be highlighted explicitly with reasonable justifications to make the kids aware of the danger a garage door can pose.

Spring system of our garage door

Almost all garage doors use two spring systems; extension and coiled springs. These springs are located above the head of a garage door and over the horizontal tracks.

Kids must know never to touch any spring of a garage door and report immediately if they find any broken springs.

The lifting cables

The lifting cables of a garage door are the cables that lift the doors while your garage door is opening. While operating a garage door, these cables support the weight of an opening garage door.

Since the lifting cables are under extreme pressure, they should never be tinkered with, especially while the door is moving.

The photo-eye safety reversal system

This system comprises small electrical devices located on both side vertical tracks of a garage door. If these detect anything in the way of a closing garage door. The automated system of the closing door triggers an auto reversal.

Thus these devices must never be meddled with to ensure your and your kid’s safety.

Reinforce that the garage door is nothing to be played with

Reinforce that the garage door is nothing to be played with

Reinforce that the garage door is nothing to be played with

Take some time out to discuss and impose the following rules with your kids:

  • Never get near a moving door; wait for it to stop moving before approaching it in case anything breaks.
  • Never overuse the remote control or the control panel of your garage door. In case you have younger kids in your home, the control panel should be installed high on the wall, and the remote be kept out of reach of younger kids.
  • Emphasize never climbing on a garage door as it puts pressure on its struts, which leads to severe accidents.
  • The door handles must be within reach of kids in cases where the door needs to be operated manually. Show the kids precisely how to open and close the door manually, emphasizing keeping their hands away from the section joints to not hurt their fingers.
  • Assign garage door duty to an older kid when your kids are near the moving garage door. Ask them to take responsibility by making them in charge of traffic in and out of the door only when it has completely stopped moving. You can also offer incentives for taking care that their siblings do not race in or out under the door, misuse the remote, or try experimenting with the auto-reversal system.
  • Enforce that the access codes to a garage door are top secret and must never be shared with anyone, be it a friend or a neighbor.

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